Author & Punisher

He basicially builds evil mechanical soundmachines, which look like they could kill someone. The result is some heavy & dark industrial-music, with such an intense bass that every dubstepproducer is shitting his pants. fans of extreme metal and drone find lots of those elements in his songs aswell. check him out in action and get his music from here (the albums are insane too - love em):



Satellite Stories - Costa Del Sol '94

For a change, an innocent indierock song. They sound totally like a mixture of: the view / two door cinema club / flashguns, which is a good thing. Young guys, i'm curious what will come from them in the future with such a great debut-album.


Body Count – Evil Dick

What a classic.
If you dont know this already, you can have a good time with it. Turn up the volume and make sure the windows are open – your neighbours wanna have fun too!



This is how a liveshow should look like. fuckin insane. I hope they play in europe one day. titties!

(check out the records too, they are awesome)



Ashmong - Edna

I just found the german Version of Xiu Xiu!!! Great Song.


French Films - You Don't Know

French Films are fighting back the grim winter with their surfy indie/postpunk.



British Sea Power - Waving Flags

Another Classic. I've been listening to this song for 4 years now and it never gets old...


Die Hunns - Time Has Come Today

Now a classic. Duane Peters definately has the best voice in Punk...


Mykki Blanco

Mykki Blanco is the newest thing in Transvestite-hiphop.
Yeah, thats right. Awesome, eh!?

His/Her (who describest himself as Mutant) music is much more then grimey HipHop. It uses lots of elements of electronic music and mixed various dark elements to an complete new, exciting thing (gatekeeper produced some tracks). Mykki sees himself more in punkmusic then hiphop and his recent tour with death grips shows in which direction of the scene he will go.

So i guess, either you love or hate it, and you dont even have to like hiphop to enjoy his songs. Definately check out his videos and you can download all his songs for free on his website.
The european tour which starts soon – i surely will be there, freakshows are awesome.



Cerce - Cerce EP

Cerce plays the best female-fronted Crust-Punk i've listened to in a long time.

I just posted a link to the whole ep. Because why just post one song, if every song is perfect and the whole ep runs just 14minutes, right!?

If you enjoyed it you can download their records for free on bandcamp:



PTTRNS - Principle of Touch

Experimental indie from germany. Love the instrumental-part towards the end...